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This is material I own. These modules are only on this site so that I can consult them any time I want. You are not permitted to download them. This material is legal property of Wizards of the Coast and protected by copyright.

Dungeon Master Guide
Monstrous Manual

Players' & DM's Options:
Arms & Equipment
Combat & Tactics
High Level Campaigns
Skills & Powers
Spells & Magic
Tome of Magic

Bard's Handbook
Complete book of Gnomes & Halflings
Druid's Handbook
Dwarves' Handbook
Elves' Handbook
Fighter's Handbook
Necromancer's Handbook
Ninja's Handbook
Paladin's Handbook
Priest's Handbook
Psionics Handbook
Ranger's Handbook
Shaman's Handbook
Thieves' Handbook
Wizards' Handbook

Legends & Lore
Domains of Dread

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