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Good day, Travelers in search of Wealth and Wisdom

If you're looking for Material for use with the AD&D game, you're in the right place. Many sites have switched to 3rd Edition, but maybe I am one of the true worshippers of the 2nd edition. You could also say that maybe I am conversative and old-fashioned…… nooooo!

Well, what can you expect when searching this site? Let's start with a little introduction:


All the noise in the inn died when the old warrior entered. He passed several travelers while striding towards the fireplace. They all gathered around him as soon as he sat down on his chair by the fire.

"Please, old Fareus, tell us about the travels you've made. Tell us about all the things you've seen," they begged. Old Fareus sat back, lighting his pipe. He smiled, for their faces expressed such eagerness.
"Well," he began, "I've met some strange people during the adventures me and my group encountered on the way. But I will never forget the day that we met the Inventor."
"An inventor? What might that be, some sort of monster?"
It was the innkeeper, who had gathered with them. He stood up and wiped his hands on his apron. He looked at the warrior with an expression of disbelieve on his face. He went back to the bar and started cleaning the glasses.

"No," said Fareus, turning towards the innkeeper, "the inventor was a man like me and you. We met him at the Yafirwoods."

His face was colored yellow and red as he looked into the fire. No one made a sound.


These are the first lines of the file describing a new class for the AD&D game. It is called the Inventor, and I have developed it with a friend.
You can download it by clicking here,
or you can view it now by clicking here.

But there is more on this website: Paintings, downloads and fonts. I invite you to check it all out. Please feel free to give a reaction about the site. If you've got questions, you can always mail me at

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