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This is material I created myself. You may download it and use it in your campaign or to get new ideas. If you like the material I would like to hear from you. Got new ideas? Reactions? Mail me at:

Home Made:
                        Glum (Dutch)
                        Denasian (Dutch)
                        Shahlas (Dutch)
            Magical Items:
                        Magical Tin-opener
                        Scarf of the Ranger
                        Serubian's Ring
           Evil Campaign: The Last One
Have you ever imagined your characters were only evil alligned? That would be a hell... or not. This campaign is written for evil
personalities only.
This document describes only the idea of the campaign including the introduction for the PC's. Inside the module you will find the Darkwood Creature Class, the 'Evil Cousin' of the Ranger.
I am sure that you can configure it for your own purposes.

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