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Knowledge & Inventing

Each knowledge is related to several inventions. Of course player characters can create their own inventions, just like wizards can create their own spells. The player should consultate with the DM if the invention is appropriate and of which level it will be. For each invention, listed here or not, a lot of research must be done before it can actually be built. A number of weeks equal to the invention level (see table IV) must be spend to find out everything the inventor needs to know about the subject. After that period, a check is made by the DM (1d100). The chance of success depends on intelligence, level and the difficulty of the invention, as follows:

Chance of success = 2% per point of intelligence +5% per level - Success modifier

The success-modifier is inventionlevel-related. This means that a highlevel character who wants to create a 1st level invention has a 10% modifier.

If the check fails the inventor could spend additional weeks researching. At the end of each additional week a new check is made. Every additional week also implies a 5% chance of sustaining flaws rolled by the DM after each missed success roll. When the check is rolled beneath this number it means that thereís a flaw in the design. When the invention has actually been built the flaw is discovered (perhaps by a massive explosion, by malfunctions or constant misfires, this is up to the DM)

Note that after researching the invention the character only knows how to make it. He just made a building-scheme; he did not create the item. Inventing wonít cost much money (only some ink, pencils, paper and the inventor will need a quiet place and as usual: food)

For example: Spinner, a Gnomish inventor wants to invent the Aiming Device. He is a 4th level inventor with an intelligence of 18. He has to spend two weeks inventing the thing. His chance of success is

36(int)+20(lvl)-25(modifier)= 41. The DM rolls a 32 and tells Spinner that after his hard work he knows how to make the Aiming Device.

Note that the inventor canít invent things above his level.


Table II

Inventor's Level Invention Level Success Modifier Examples & Guidelines








impplosives, electricity




X-ray goggles




Acid projector, steam propulsion








Submarine, flying-machine




Crazy Stuff like teleporters, planecraft

The costs for inventing should be decided by the DM. Materials do not always cost the same, and the amount of money for services isnít the same in every country. Therefore the DM should consider the price paid by the Inventor. Some of the materials are not for sale, the Inventor should go on some sort of quest to find the material.                                                           You should understand that the inventions noted in the following chapters arenít the only possible inventions. Players should use their imagination in constructing new ideas. They are free to make plans, the DM is free to forbid them (just kidding).

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