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Inventor Kits

Magic Discarder

While most inventors hate magic, there are always people who are worse. Inventors who really detest magic are called Magic Discarders. Their hate towards magic can have several causes, but the most common is that a character sees magic as some sort of trick that can be replaced by science. Not only will this character refuse to use magic, he will also try to duplicate the effect artificially and then destroy the original. Itís obvious that cooperation with a mage is out of the question, except for extraordinary cases. Magic Discarders have problems with priestly magic as well, but not in the same way. They do not refuse priestly magic (while this is granted by a god) although they will use it reluctantly.

Social ranks: Magic Discarders can come from any economic background except the lower class. The reason for this is that a lot of money is needed to duplicate magical effects. Inventors that lack money won=t think of duplicating magic. Roll 2d6 to determine the Magic Discarderís social rank:

2d6 roll         Social rank

   2-5        Lower Middle Class

  6-11       Upper Middle Class

   12          Upper Class

Requirements: This kit can only be chosen by inventors. The Magic Discarder must have the minimum requirements for an inventor and must also have a minimum wisdom of 13. This is because the Discarder must have an extensive knowledge so he knows how to obtain certain effects.

Weapon proficiencies: Just like any other inventor the Magic Discarder has a hard time fighting with melee weapons. He can become proficient in any weapon but suffers the same penalties as normal. Normal weapons that can be used without penalties include: repeating crossbow, blunderbuss and bombs.

Recommended nonweapon proficiencies: Carpentry, engineering, spellcraft, rope use, set snares.

Equipment: Standard for inventors

Recommended traits: Obscure knowledge, precise memory, keen senses.

Possible Inventions: Shoes of Jumping, X-ray Goggles, Wings of Flying, Teleporter and Shocking Grasp.

Benefits: Because they are so acquainted with magic, Magic Discarders gain a +1 on any saving throws whenever magic is involved. Because these characters are so eager to create items that will make magic needless, they add a +10% to their chance of success when inventing such items. Note that this adjustment only counts when some magical effect is duplicated. Therefore the inventor must have seen or heard of a magical item to replicate.

Hindrances: While Discarders really hate magic they will refuse it in any way. No magical items of any kind can be used voluntarily. Magic just doesnít appeal to him and he wonít use it, unless he is really forced by someone to do so. Magic cast upon him has normal effect on the character. When a fireball is cast on him, the Discarder will suffer damage as any other person would.

Wealth: The Magic Discarder start with the amount of money standard for inventors: 2d8x10 GP.

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