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After reading how to use this new class for the ADND second edition game you're probably interested in who invented this figure and how it was created.

We are Bart Roeffen and Michiel Kremers. When Michiel got his first Player's Handbook he saw that there was such a thing as a Psionics Handbook. Not knowing what it was he imagened that it would be some kind of personaltiy who could throw bombs in stead of knives. A person who would fly in a balloon terrorising the enemy from above. Later, when he found out what Psionics really are he reallized that he had been wrong. But... if the Psionicist isn't a person to throw bombs then he had himself a new class! So he explained his idea to Bart and they decided to work it out so that everybody would be able to share the newly invented class.

What you have read is what has become the Inventor. You probably noticed that on some points, inventions and followers, we have left you great liberty to make your own character 'your own character'. As with the other classes: No inventor is the same. By realizing your own idea's and creating your own inventions your Inventor could be just the difference in a group of adventurers. Bart's been playing an inventor ever since we created it and we are very glad we let his character join the group.

You can contact us any time if you have questions or remarks on this class. We would also appreciate new idea's on inventions or sharing experiences.